Oats, 🍎 apple, coffee ☕ smoothie

Are you looking for recipe inspiration Oats, 🍎 apple, coffee ☕ smoothie ? How to make it is difficult and easy. If it is wrongly processed, the results will not be satisfactory and it tends to be unpleasant. Whereas Oats, 🍎 apple, coffee ☕ smoothie What is delicious should have an aroma and taste that can provoke our taste buds.

Many things more or less affect the quality of the taste of Oats, 🍎 apple, coffee ☕ smoothie, starting from the type of material, then the selection of fresh ingredients, to how to make and serve it. Don’t worry if you want to prepare Oats, 🍎 apple, coffee ☕ smoothie delicious at home, because as long as you know the trick, this dish can be a special treat.

Ojust for addition only, the time it takes to cook Oats, 🍎 apple, coffee ☕ smoothie estimated approx 10 mins.

So, this time, let’s try it, let’s create it Oats, 🍎 apple, coffee ☕ smoothie home alone. Stick with simple ingredients, this dish can provide benefits in helping to maintain the health of our bodies. you can make Oats, 🍎 apple, coffee ☕ smoothie use 7 type of material and 3 manufacturing step. Here’s how to make the dish.

It's a magic in my country, cold season is nearly over and hot season is about to begin, lots of fresh fruits are coming in this season so I tried this reach blend of fruits 🌞🤗

Ingredients and spices that need to be prepared to make Oats, 🍎 apple, coffee ☕ smoothie:

  1. 1 🍎 apple
  2. 1 cup chilled 🥛 milk
  3. 1/3 cup plain yoghurt
  4. 4-5 tbsp quick oats
  5. 1-2 tsp instant coffee powder
  6. 1/8 tsp cinnamon powder
  7. 2-3 tbsp sugar

Steps to make Oats, 🍎 apple, coffee ☕ smoothie

  1. Peel and cut apple into small cube.
  2. Add apple 🍎 cubes, milk, yoghurt, sugar in a blender, blend, add oats, coffee, cinnamon powder, blend again until smooth.
  3. Pour prepared smoothie into serving glasses and sprinkle coffee, oats, serve immediately.

How ? It’s easy? That’s how to make Oats, 🍎 apple, coffee ☕ smoothie which you can practice at home. Hopefully useful and good luck!

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